Memorial Day

Memorial Day Party Ideas

Host a Memorial day party to be remembered with these Memorial Day party ideas! When planning the perfect Memorial Day party, choosing a venue is just as important as what to serve and entertainment!  The first step is to decide if you should host the Memorial Day party at your home or at a different […]

Saint Patrick’s Day party for kids

Saint Patrick’s Day party for kids

 Here are a few great ideas for a Saint Patrick’s Day party for kids! The first step to hosting the perfect Saint Patrick’s day party is to plan ahead! Once you have your plan set you should be able to start sending out your invitations! Make sure to tell your guests to wear green! As […]

Mardi Gras party ideas

Kids Mardi Gras Party ideas

Thinking of hosting a party for the kiddos, but you are in need of some Mardi Gras party ideas? You have come to the right place! Check out these Kids Mardi Gras Party Ideas! Bring on the Jazz and let the good times roll… What a better way to celebrate Fat Tuesday New Orleans style! […]

Valentine's day party

Valentine’s Day Party For Kids

Hosting A Valentine’s Day Party For Kids Is A Great Way To Celebrate Valentine’s Day! Here are 6 Tips to help you host a lovely Valentine’s Day party for kids! Tip #1- Keep it simple and small! Invite a few kids to join your child at their Valentine’s Day party! Order a few Valentine’s day […]

School Valentine's day party ideas

School Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Looking for School Valentine’s Day Party Ideas? You have come to the right place! Here is are a few School Valentine’s Day Party ideas to get you started. Snack- A simple easy snack such as popcorn in a Heart printed loot bag, Heart shaped crackers and cookies, Chocolate covered strawberries or maybe a donut with heart sprinkles or […]

super bowl

Super Bowl Party Ideas For Kids

Thinking of hosting a Super Bowl party? You have come to the right place! Here are a few Super Bowl party ideas for kids! The decorations: Pick up some cups, plates, napkins, cutlery, some chip bowls, and other party goods. Now, these can be the Team themed ones or a simple football theme. My chip […]

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Party For Kids

Host a Chinese New Year party for the kids, with these 6 easy steps! Here are a few great ways to celebrate the Chinese New Year here in the USA. This is a great way to introduce kids to new a new culture! Step 1- Send out invitations to your kid’s friends. Once your little […]

Sports themed birthday party ideas

Sports themed birthday party ideas

Sports themed birthday party ideas! Hosting a Sports themed birthday party can be fun and super easy! Simply follow these easy steps! Sports themed birthday party ideas: Step 1: Pick a location. This can be your home, a local park, batting cages or a gym. The main idea is to have a location where the […]

kids costumes

Kids Costumes For Birthday Party

Kids costumes are a great way to implement the birthday party theme! Just think about it… What child doesn’t want to parade around dressed as their favorite character,  specially on their Birthday party when they are the center of attention! Kids costumes are available in a variety of themes and characters, making it easy to find […]

eco-friendly party favors

Eco-Friendly Party Favors Review

Eco-Friendly party favors: Are they worth buying?? Find out with this Eco-friendly party favors review! It seems like there is a lot of talk about going green, eating organic foods, making your home toxin-free, discussions on what products to use on your skin and in general how to be Eco-friendly. Well, it seems like a […]

face paint

Face Paint Review- Find out which products to use!

Here are some face paint products available and their pros and cons! An honest Face paint review- Find out which products to use! Many parents are opting to do face paint for their kid’s party themselves in order to keep their party within budget. By doing it themselves they are saving at least $100.00, which […]

wall decorating kit

Birthday party wall decorating kit- Review

Wall decorating kit and scene setters! Are they worth buying??? Find out with this Birthday party Wall Decorating kit- Review The answer is yes! Birthday party Wall Decorating kit is a must. When hosting a birthday party you have to think of everything. From, who to invite? What to serve? What theme should the party be? […]

New Years Eve Party Ideas

New Years Eve Party Ideas

Best New Years Eve party ideas at your fingertips! Planning a New Years eve party is easy with these super fun New Years Eve party ideas. Everything you will need to host the perfect New Years eve party right here at your fingertips. New Years Eve Party Ideas- Invitations: Evite makes inviting your guests easy. […]

Christmas party ideas for kids

Christmas party ideas for kids

Christmas party ideas for kids- Two Christmas party themes that are sure to have all the kids jingling all the way! What better way to celebrate Christmas than to host a Kids Christmas party. Check out these two super fun Christmas party ideas that are sure to impress the young ones.   Sugar cookie house decorating […]

cyber Monday deals

Cyber Monday Deals- You won’t want to miss!

CYBER MONDAY DEALS! We all know Black Friday is full of great deals and great prices, but for people like me, that prefer to shop from home and like to avoid the crowds that Black Friday brings, Cyber Monday is a blessing! If you haven’t checked out these deals yet, you simply must check out these Cyber Monday […]

Black Friday deals

Black Friday deals!

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and with it comes Black Friday Deals! Are you ready for your Black Friday Deals shopping? Here are a few tips to help you find the best Black Friday Deals! 1- Head over to your favorite store’s websites and find their Black Friday Deals Flyer. There is no way you can simply […]

party etiquette

Birthday Party Etiquette For Kids

Hosting a party or getting ready to send your child to a birthday party? Make sure your children know what is expected of them. As well as what is expected of you as a host with these Party Etiquette tips. Here are a few Birthday Party Etiquette For Kids: 1-Invitations- Party etiquette. If you are […]

school Halloween party ideas

School Halloween Party Ideas

Looking for school Halloween party ideas? You have come to the right place! Here are a few school Halloween party ideas and tips that will ensure a successful Halloween party! 1st- School Halloween party ideas-Your costume! That is right! If you are attending a school Halloween party and parade you simply must dress up! If […]

Minion Birthday Party

Minion Fever- Minion Birthday Party Ideas

Minions are taking over the world!!! We all have Minion Fever! Here are some ideas for a Minion Birthday Party! The little yellow characters called Minions from the movie Despicable Me are now a hit! They were already famous with the kids during the Despicable Me movies but now that they have a movie of […]